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The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), as amended in 1988, puts into place seven design requirements to make new multifamily housing more accessible for people with disabilities. These requirements apply to most multifamily dwellings of four or more units, which were ready for first occupancy on or after March 13, 1991. The FHA design requirements must be incorporated in all ground floor units and all units on floors served by elevators.



Photograph by Phillip Zook


Requirement #1

Accessible building entrance on an accessible route

 Requirement #2

Accessible and usable public and common-use areas

 Requirement #3

Accessible door into and within premises 

Requirement #4

Accessible route into and through the covered dwelling unit

 Requirement #5

Light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats, and other environmental controls in accessible locations

 Requirement #6

Reinforced bathroom walls at toilets, tubs, and showers for later installation of grab bars

 Requirement #7

Kitchen and bathroom designed to enable a wheelchair to maneuver





























www.fairhousingfirst.org   /   (888) 341-7781 (V/TTY)

Technical Assistance and Training Opportunities


Information on the International Building Code

College of Design, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina

www.design.ncsu.edu   /   (800) 647-6777

General Information on Accessibility and Universal Design

www.ssfhc.org   /    (888) 585-8634   /   Relay Nevada 711

General information and resources














Silver State Fair Housing Council (SSFHC) works to ensure equal housing opportunity for all residents of Nevada. SSFHC advocates for fair housing by providing a comprehensive program of outreach, education, and enforcement activities. By addressing the needs of  housing consumers, housing providers, and local governments, SSFHC works to break down barriers to equal housing opportunity and build opportunities for community members to relate to each other as neighbors. In addition, SSFHC tracks multifamily building permits in Nevada and works to educate, architects, developers, engineers, and local jurisdictions about the FHA accessibility requirements.



The work that provided the basis for this campaign is supported by funding under a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The substance and findings of the work are dedicated to the public. The authors and presenters are solely responsible for the accuracy of the statements and interpretations contained in this training. Such interpretations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Government.






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