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Silver State Fair Housing Council works to ensure equal housing opportunity for all residents of Nevada.  



Silver State Fair Housing Council (SSFHC) advocates for fair housing by providing a comprehensive program of outreach, education, and enforcement activities. By addressing the needs of housing consumers, housing providers, and local governments, SSFHC works to break down barriers to equal housing opportunity and build opportunities for community members to relate to each other as neighbors.


SSFHC believes that equal housing opportunity is a right, not a privilege, and that housing should be available to all members of our community, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin (ancestry), gender, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Any individual act of discrimination diminishes the community as a whole. SSFHC recognizes its responsibility to the communities it serves and is committed to ensuring equal housing opportunity by:

  • Maintaining an active, inclusive and diverse Board of Trustees, representing and responding to community needs;

  • Maintaining a knowledgeable, professional staff of fair housing advocates to assist community members and housing providers;

  • Conducting community education to assist residents in recognizing and reporting housing discrimination;

  • Conducting quality educational programs for the housing industry-including property managers, owners, Realtors, developers, architects, and lenders-to address housing discrimination issues before they occur;

  • Educating local attorneys about fair housing and maintaining a pool of attorneys to assist clients with fair housing issues;

  • Working with local nonprofit and social service agencies to assist in recognizing and referring housing discrimination claims by their clients; and

  • Providing information and technical assistance to local governments to aid in identifying and eradicating barriers to fair housing.

SSFHC is committed to work toward the day when no community member has to experience the indignity of illegal housing discrimination and all neighborhoods reflect the richness and diversity of the larger community.